Recycle an old phone

Most of us have at least one old cell phone gathering dust in a junk drawer. Old cell phones and their accessories can be dropped off at any Cell Mechanics location. After they are received, they are sent for responsible recycling or refurbishment.

Why bring in an old device or parts?

Keeping your cell phone out of the landfill helps your local ecosystem and the environment. Recycling your wireless device also decreases the need for raw materials that would otherwise be needed for manufacturing new products. A small effort on your part makes a big difference!

How it works

Find it

Find your old, unwanted cell phones, smartphones, wireless PDAs, and pagers. Cell phone accessories such as rechargeable cell phone batteries, chargers, and ear buds are also accepted.

Bring it

Bring in your old phones/parts for recycling to any one of our locations. There is no cost to recycling a phone or parts.

We recycle it

Cell Mechanics has partnered with www.RecycleMyCell.ca for the recycling and responsible disposal of old cell phones and accessories.

Find a location nearest you

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