Cell Phone Screen Repair in Winnipeg

Is your phone screen cracked, scratched, or broken? The team at Cell Mechanics can help. We offer screen repair in Winnipeg and throughout Southern Manitoba. 

Trusted Screen Repairs Done Right

The pros at Cell Mechanics will repair or replace your cracked or broken screen quickly and efficiently. We can use high-quality, genuine parts; that’s why we’re recognized as an Apple Independent Repair Provider and an Authorized Samsung Smart Service repair centre.

Most cracked screens need to be replaced, rather than repaired—we have parts available at all of our locations for many makes and models. Don’t risk hurting your finger on a cracked phone screen—visit one of our locations today! 

Why Choose Us for Phone Screen Repair

When it comes to cell phone screen repair, we know that you have options. Here’s why you should choose Cell Mechanics:

Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are all highly trained professionals who have serviced a wide variety of different phones. They’ve dealt with sophisticated hardware and software problems. Phone screen repair and replacement is a simple task for them, though it’s one they handle with care and conscientiousness. The team at Cell Mechanics has worked hard to retain the designations we’ve obtained from Samsung and Apple. We can provide genuine parts from the big brands because of the hard work of our technicians—when you bring your phone to Cell Mechanics, you can trust that it’s in good hands.

Quality Parts

Thanks to our relationship with the biggest names in cell phone manufacturing, we offer genuine parts from Apple and Samsung at all of our stores. This means your broken or cracked screen will be replaced using a genuine screen provided by the manufacturer. Whether you’re looking for Android or iPhone repair, getting the right replacement screen for your cell phone can give you peace of mind. Your new screen will make your cell phone as good as new again. We also offer screen protectors to keep your screen from cracking again in the future.

Fast Repair Time

No one wants to go without their cell phone for too long—but don’t let that stop you from getting a cracked screen repaired. All of our locations throughout Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba accept walk-ins. Screen repair appointments typically take 1-2 hours or less; you’ll have your phone back in your hands in no time.

Easy Booking or Walk-Ins Welcome

Choose when and where to have your cell phone repaired and even check the price with our easy online bookings tool

Our Screen Repair Process


Damage Assessment

In this step, our certified technicians inspect your phone for damage. Occasionally, when a cell phone screen is damaged, there may be other damage to the phone, including damage to the battery. We offer full-service cell phone repair, so our experts will attempt to identify all damage as early in the process as possible. By doing this, we can alert you to any other repairs you may want to make, or precautions you may want to take.


Screen Disassembly

Next, we carefully remove the screen from your phone. This is done using a number of specialized tools—we take care when disconnecting ribbon cables, softening the adhesive, and removing the display.


Screen Replacement

Once the old, cracked screen is removed, our expert technicians place a new screen onto the device; we can use certified OEM parts when replacing your screen. Once everything is reconnected and the new adhesive is set into place, we can begin the final step.


Testing & Reassembly

We don’t let any phone leave our shop without having thoroughly tested it once it’s fully reassembled. Your screen will work perfectly when you get your phone back because our technicians will test multiple functions to ensure that your screen is fully functional.

Get Your Broken Screen Fixed Today!

Accidents happen—but that doesn’t mean you have to live with a broken screen. Visit one of our cell phone repair locations in Winnipeg and across Southern Manitoba; you’ll get exceptional service and a high-quality replacement screen for your device. We service most devices, and we accept walk-ins; visit us today!

Quality Service Guaranteed

Not every third-party repair company is certified by Apple and Samsung—but we are. That’s because we offer high-quality cell phone repair services; all of our technicians are highly trained, and we use genuine parts for most screen replacements. For quality cell phone repair, choose Cell Mechanics.

Common Screen Repair Questions

Our screen repair services are fast and effective. Typically, we can replace the screen on a device within a couple hours. Some repairs take longer, while others take less time; schedule two hours for repairs to be on the safe side, but expect it to take less time than that. 

We service most models and devices from popular brands. Bring your device in, and we’ll tell you if we can replace your screen.

Yes, we can recover data from a damaged device. We also have a data backup service - but our technicians will be more than happy to help you back up your data. Ask our technicians about data backup and data recovery prices. Talk to us before we start the screen replacement process; we can guide you through the data backup process. 

All of our screen repairs are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty assures that the screen will remain functional; if the screen or the repair fails, we’ll fix it or replace it, free of charge. This lifetime warranty does not cover cracks, scratches, or damage to the screen; we highly recommend purchasing a screen protector. 

Screen damage is typically caused when a person drops their phone from a great enough height. Other accidents can happen, too—people sit or step on their phones, scratch them, and more. Phone screens are surprisingly durable given their size and flexibility, but without screen protectors, one accident or another will often cause them to break.

We offer mail-in repair services - contact us for more information. We can also drive a repair van to your location within our service area, pick up your phone, and fix it for you in the repair van. 

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