Cell Phone Battery Replacement in Winnipeg

Getting a phone battery fixed is almost impossible—but getting one replaced is fast and easy with Cell Mechanics. We offer battery replacements for all kinds of devices, using only high-quality parts. All of our battery replacements come with a 6-month warranty. Stop worrying about whether or not your phone will last the night—visit one of our stores, and we’ll have your battery replaced in no time!

Fast, Affordable Battery Replacement

When your cell phone battery stops working, you don’t have to throw out your whole phone! Whether your phone is slow charging, isn’t holding a charge, or isn’t powering on at all, our affordable battery replacement services can help.

Our battery replacement services are quick and affordable:

  • Battery replacements typically cost between $50-$100.
  • Turnaround times are usually 1-2 hours.
  • We accept walk-in appointments for battery replacements.
That’s a lot cheaper than buying a brand new phone—and with professional technicians that go through Samsung and Apple-certified training programs and genuine parts backed by warranties, you can rest easy, knowing that you’re getting a high-quality battery replacement.

Why Choose Us for Phone Battery Replacement

When it comes to cell phone battery replacement, we know that you have options. Here’s why you should choose Cell Mechanics:

Certified Technicians

Our certified technicians go through training programs approved by Apple and Samsung, giving us the skills and knowledge needed to replace most phone batteries. When you hand your phone to one of the Cell Mechanics, you know it’s in good hands.

Quality Parts Only

We are an Authorized Samsung Repair Centre and an Apple-Independant Repair Provider—which means we can use genuine Samsung and Apple parts for most of our phone repairs. Come to Cell Mechanics and get the genuine article for less.

Fast Turnaround Time

We accept walk-ins, and most of our battery replacements are completed within an hour. Stop by, drop your phone off, go out for a bite to eat, and then come back—your phone will be ready and waiting for you with a brand-new battery.

Easy Booking or Walk-Ins Welcome

Choose when and where to have your cell phone repaired and even check the price with our easy online bookings tool

Our Battery Replacement Process



Not every phone that comes into our shop needs its battery replaced—software issues and other problems can cause batteries to drain quickly. The first step is diagnosis; if there’s a problem we can fix without replacing your battery, we’ll save you time and money.


Battery Removal

Once we’ve confirmed that a faulty battery is the problem, we’ll carefully remove your battery. To do this, we will partially disassemble your cell phone’s case, removing the phone’s back cover. From there, we’ll unplug the existing battery—we can dispose of it on your behalf, complying with local recycling laws.


New Battery Installation

We can replace cell phone batteries using genuine replacement batteries; you deserve parts that will work perfectly with your device. We can also use high quality aftermarket parts.  Once the battery is installed, we put your phone back together, using specialty adhesive to maintain your cell phone’s waterproofing.


Function Check

Our team checks your cell phone’s battery life, the rate at which your battery drains, and all vital functions before we hand you back your device. You’ll be able to text your friends, use your apps, and take photos and videos just like before—but without your battery dying all the time!

Don't Wait, Replace Your Battery Today!

Are you missing important calls because your phone died? Can’t use your favourite apps because they drain your battery too quickly?

Stop by one of our 7 locations in Southern Manitoba (including 4 in Winnipeg), give us your phone for about an hour, and come back to a phone you can rely on.

Quality Service Guaranteed

Trusting a company with your cell phone is a bit like trusting them with your life—we get it. Here’s the good news; quality cell phone battery replacements are guaranteed here at Cell Mechanics. We only use genuine batteries for all of our work, and we’re trusted by Samsung and Apple to do the job right. All of our replacement batteries are covered by a 6-month warranty; if anything goes wrong with the battery in those 6 months, we’ll fix it free of charge.

More Questions? Check Our FAQs

Most of our battery replacements take about an hour—and that includes walk-in appointments. Leave your device at our store, take a stroll around the neighbourhood, and come back to a phone with a brand-new battery. The whole process is that simple!

Your data will not be affected by our battery replacement process. We understand that people want to be very careful with their devices; if you’re worried, we can always help you backup your data before we change the battery.

We offer battery replacement services for most devices. We’ve done battery replacements for all kinds of brands, makes, and models. Bring your device into one of our locations - we can help.

All kinds of different factors can put a strain on a battery, from exposure to extreme temperatures to using a faulty phone charger. Whether you’re using a Google Pixel, an S20, or an iPhone, you’ve got a lithium-ion battery. Keeping the charge between 20% and 80% is best for prolonging the battery’s life, but eventually, it will degrade no matter what you do. 

We service mobile devices of all kinds. We can, however, work with phones no matter which mobile service provider you use. You can stop by our store for battery replacements, regardless of which company is providing your 5G. 

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