The safest way to fix your phone - we come to you!

Our on-site repair service is the safest way to repair your phone during this trying time. Our technicians will repair your device in our repair van, on-site, while you remain in the safety of your home.


How it works...

First, you visit our online booking tool or call our team to make an appointment for a date that works best for you. From there, a certified Cell Mechanics technician will drive out to you at the scheduled date and time, pick up your device and fix it right then and there in our fully equipped repair van! Our technician is able to take credit and debit payments upon completion.

or call 204-258-2600

What we do...

Cracked Screens

It happens. When you've cracked or broken your screen, we'll fix it. It's what we do!

Borken Camera

The Camera is one of the most commonly used features of phone. Let us help you get shooting again.

Poor or Dead Battery

You need to get through your day without having your battery die. Replacement batteries are one of the most cost-effective repairs you can make on a device.

Ports and Buttons

We'll fix those broken charge ports, audio ports and buttons.

Speaker and Mic

We'll get you talking and listening to your tunes again in no time.

Data Backup

Switching phones or just want to be sure your photos and data are safe? We'll help you backup your data so your important items won't get lost.

Pre-Owned Devices

In the event your device is beyond repair, we can offer you a pre-owned device at a fraction of the cost of buying new.