FAQ: Some of our most asked questions

I can’t survive without my phone! How long does it take to repair it?
Most of our repairs can be done in under an hour. We will get you on the move as fast as possible.

What is the warranty on my repair?
Cell Mechanics gives you a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the repairs we do. Learn more on our warranty page here.

Does Cell Mechanics handle repairs for all manufacturers?
Cell Mechanics is a Samsung Smart Service Centre and can perform non-warranty repairs for most other wireless manufacturers devices including Apple, BlackBerry, LG and others.

My device is still under warranty. Do I have to pay to repair it?
No, as an Authorized Repair Centre for Samsung, Cell Mechanics will manage the repair at no charge provided the issue is covered under manufacturers warranty.

Can you repair my tablet?
Yes. Cell Mechanics can also repair tablets from manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, LG and others.